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Women Who Can't Keep a Man
Make Classic Mistakes

Do you know women who canít keep a man?Maybe you feel like a woman who has trouble keeping a man no matter how hard to try to make the relationship work.If youíve had several relationships and youíve been the one to leave or the relationship was ended by the man only a couple of times, chances are you are just dating and trying to find the right man.If every relationship youíve had has resulted in man leaving, there is a good chance you are one of the women who can keep a man because of behavior and insecurities.

Women who have no trouble keeping a man often have their own friends and independent activities even while in a relationship.They also tend to have a good self-image and realize that they donít have to compromise who they are in order to keep a man.Men find independence and healthy, positive women attractive.It is easier to keep a man who admires and respects his partner.A man who feels that his partner lives through him and his activities can often feel smothered and oppressed.These are not good feelings and if a man doesnít feel good no woman can keep him in a relationship.

If you think you might be one of the many women who canít keep a man, you might want to take a look at how you feel about your appearance and who you are on the inside.If it is a painful or awkward thing for you to do, chances are you are a woman who has a hard time keeping a man and you need to work on changing your attitude.You donít have to be one of those women who keeps their hair perfect or wears designer clothing to keep a man.You need to be comfortable and feel good about what you wear.You donít have to be super thin to keep a man and make him happy.If you believe that you are beautiful just the way you are, most men find that contagious and see you that way, too.

Happy women who are in happy relationships have an edge because the already feel good about themselves and their man is happy because she is happy.It really is that simple!What isnít all that simple is for women who want to change their pattern of losing men to work on improving their self image and attitude.In the end, if you donít want to remain or become one of the women who canít keep a man then the work is well worth the time and effort.

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