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Women Meeting Men
How to Do It and Where to Go

If you're a single woman, looking to meet a good man, you may be wondering where the best place to do that is. If you read on, you're sure to learn about some little known, yet great places to meet a man.


Classes Or Seminars


Believe it or not, a class or seminar can be a great place to meet a man who shares similar interests as you. If you enjoy a specific hobby, or are interested in learning about one, you can join a class or seminar fairly cheaply, broaden your horizons and perhaps meet the man of your dreams. He may even be seated right across from you! Not only can you meet him, but also talking about your shared passion in whatever class or seminar you're taking, can be a really easy icebreaker.


The Library


People, who read a lot, are often very passionate about their books. By beginning a conversation about a particular book their reading, you can get to know someone and open a possible doorway that leads to another sort of passion. At the very least, you may have an interesting discussion with someone you may not have met otherwise. If you're a woman, looking to meet an intelligent man, the library is a largely untapped resource.


Trade Shows


Trade shows are a great place for a woman to meet a man. Much like a class or seminar, it's a pretty safe bet that the single guys roaming around the tradeshow share at least one interest that you do. Striking up a conversation shouldn't be too much of a problem, either. 


The Park/Sports Event


More than one couple originally met at a park or sporting event and you may be one of them in the near future. Walking your dog, watching some amateur sports, or just taking a leisurely stroll can all lead to a chance encounter with the man of your dreams.


Coffee Shop


Grab a book and head down to the local coffee shop for some relaxation, and perhaps a chance encounter with your soon to be significant other!


That completes the list of little known places a woman can meet a man. By trying out these man-meeting hotspots, you can significantly boost your chances of meeting a single man. Just remember to smile, and strike up a conversation now and then…you never know where it will lead.

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