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Asking Yourself "Why Do I Attract Men I'm Not Interested In"? Here's the ANSWER

There are so many great women around the world wondering “Why do I attract men I’m not interested in?  It seems like a simple enough question.  The answer lies in how each woman feels about herself from her intelligence and skin tone to her height and body shape.  Finding the answer to why women attract men that they aren’t interested in is the easy part.  Taking action to change the reasons why women attract men that they wouldn’t want to date takes courage.


Courage is required to face what a woman needs to do in order to improve the quality of men she attracts because it means she has to face what she perceives she doesn’t like about herself.  When a woman considers why she attracts men she isn’t interested in, she will often find she has issues with her self-esteem or the way she looks.  So many women have fallen victim to the images that celebrities and the media have delivered to the public.  A good look around at real women will prove that they are nothing like the models and actors they see in print or in movies.  Women come in all shapes and sizes.  Women who are able to attract quality men know that they need to be positive in their confidence and beliefs.


There are some things you can do to help you begin to change how you perceive yourself and attract different kinds of men.  To begin with, when you find yourself thinking “Why do I attract men I’m not interested in?” change the thought to, “I deserve a good man who appreciates who I am”.  Once you’ve practiced that and feel that you aren’t quite ready to believe you are confident enough to go out and attract good men, take a look in the mirror and tell your reflection how beautiful it is.  Repeat these exercises every time you think about how you attracted men you weren’t interested in the past and you should feel some changes within you.   Your doubts about attracting men you aren’t interested in will soon disappear and a feeling of self-confidence and appreciation should replace your doubts.


Sometimes women who feel as though they only attract men that they’re not interested in often find themselves in unhealthy or unfulfilling relationships.  Many women have friends who have asked, “Why do I attract men I’m not interested in?” at some point.  You may find that you, yourself, are reading this article because you feel that you don’t always attract men you are interested in because of a current relationship.  Sometimes a woman may need to find outside help in order to change how she feels about herself and break her habit of attracting the wrong type of man.  This help is readily available and can bring about changes that can make loving and rewarding relationships possible.  Everyone deserves a fulfilling and rewarding relationship.  No woman should ever have to deal with attracting men she’s not interested and she doesn’t have to.

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