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EVER Wondered who's Dating Who? Here's the ANSWER

Sometimes we’re recognized or remembered by who we date.  Maybe we’re part of the popular circle depending on who’s dating who.  Perhaps we’re out of this circle because we’re not dating who we should be dating, who our friends think we should be dating or even who our parents will allow us to date. We’re not just talking about Brad Pitt dating Jennifer Aniston then dating Angelina Jolie.  Who’s dating who is perhaps how we leave our mark. 


Whenever we sit around with our current group of friends reminiscing, perhaps about our high school days we often say, “Do you remember Jane?”  Often we may receive the response of, “Didn’t they date John?”  Or “Didn’t they go out with so-and-so’s brother?”  This is a prime example of how we may be remembered; it’s the who’s dating who scenario.


We may find ourselves embarrassed about who we’re currently dating or who we've dated in the past.  Perhaps our past dates turned out to be some sort of failure one way or another.  This is when we don’t want others to remember who’s dating who. We don’t want to be remembered as the “Jane” that dated that guy “John” who ended up being on trial for some crime.  Or the “John” that never could hold a steady job.  Sometimes remembering who’s dating who is not always a good thing.  We’ve all had those guys we’ve dated that even we don’t want to remember.


Another who’s dating who rule to live by is don’t date your friends’ ex-boyfriends, or ex-girlfriends.  Think about the guy you had deep feelings for.  Although he never had the same feelings for you, you’d probably be devastated if he started dating one of your closest girlfriends.  You wouldn’t want this to happen to you, so just avoid dating guys your friends may have dated.   There are so many men and places to find them; we don’t have to date one our friends have already dated. 


When it comes to who’s dating who its best to keep in mind we aren’t all movie starts like Jennifer Aniston or Angelina Jolie.  Although part of us may wish we were.  We’re just every day, average women, each of us possessing unique and special traits.  We’re all looking for that special someone.   Searching for that one particular man, a man that’s available and compatible, to build that long lasting relationship with. 

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