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Meet Men - Where, When, How

Women all over are trying to meet men.  They want to find the man of their dreams.  Women want a man who they can have a meaningful relationship with, someone they can rely on and who they can be happy with.  Here’s the where, when and how for meeting men.




Women can meet men anywhere.  You can join a co-ed sports team, volleyball or softball.  There are many different organizations that have events like euchre or darts on a particular evening at least once a week.  If you like walking, join a fundraiser walk-a-thon and help support a local charity, nobody needs to know that you have an ulterior motive.   You can even meet men online.  Simply log onto any one of the many dating sites, create a profile, and I’m sure you’ll have many instant messages of men wanting to chat with you.  The work place is also where you can meet men.  Although dating in the work place is sometimes not a good idea.  Maybe you’re looking to transfer or change jobs anyway.




You can meet men whenever you want.  If you’re having a hard time falling asleep one night, log on to a dating site.  It can be two AM or twelve noon, as long as you have internet connection you can be meeting men.  Women can meet men twenty-four, seven.  If you’re taking the bus to work, stuck in an elevator, or standing in line at getting your morning coffee, you can be meeting men.  Perhaps the coffee shop is your morning ritual.  Try to get just in front of the man you’ve been eyeballing for the past few weeks and buy him a coffee.  It’s sure to make his day.




They’re everywhere!  No matter where we go there are men.  Now we just have to find how to meet them.  Make a move, and break the ice.  Start a conversation.  You can meet men online by simply logging on to a dating site. If you’re in the grocery store start a conversation.  In the check out they usually have magazines, reach for the Enquirer and say, “wonder where the three headed alien was born this week.”  If there’s a catchy article on the front of Cosmo, for instance, “How to Please your Man,” say, “excuse me”, as you reach for it.  Better yet, ask him to pass it to you so he sees the article as well.  This may make him raise an eyebrow.


There’s the easy Where, When and How for meeting men.

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