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Take the Stress out of What to Talk about on a First Date

Nothing can take the fun out of going out like the stress of trying to figure out what to talk about on a first date.Remember is that there are two of you there and you are not solely responsible for making sure both of you have something to talk about throughout the date.He is on the date, too, and should make an effort to keep the conversation going.Also, you have your own life and your own experiences.You have far more to talk about than you think on your first date!


First dates are mostly about feeling each other out and making a good impression.  When planning on what to talk about, first date conversations should always be light and comfortable for both people.  Avoid talking about anything heavy on the first date like politics, religion, money or other topics that have the potential to cause tension when two people are just getting to know each other.  Also, avoid mentioning anything about past relationships.  No man wants to hear about his dateís old boyfriends on a first date.  He may also feel that your need to talk about old relationships indicate you have unfinished business and are still somehow tied to your old boyfriends.  Nothing you talk about on a first date that has to do with any past relationships will go over well at all.


When you have to dive into your arsenal of what to talk about on a first date, try to remember that it is just as important to listen as it is to speak.  The constant chatter of a woman isnít particularly attractive on a first date or any other time.  Men like to feel as if they are being given attention on a date and if you make sure you pay attention and listen while he talks, it will make a great impression on him.


First dates are the perfect time to find out what you have in common with your date!  There are many topics you can bring up that shouldnít cause any awkward moments or offend your date.  Music is something that just about everyone enjoys and it is a great way to get your date to open up and talk a bit.  Mention your favorite artists or your favorite CDís in your collection.  Talk about a concert you went to or one that is coming up.  Sometimes the talk about music can even lead into interpretation of lyrics.  Music is universally expressive and an excellent topic to talk about on a first date.


Other topics that are excellent for a first date include places you enjoy going or have been, favorite movies or actors, animals, favorite foods and hobbies.  You can also talk about your families including siblings and where you both grew up.  Many men enjoy sports and like to talk about their favorite teams or players.  You donít have to be a fan of what you end up talking about, but make the effort to listen and be interested in what your date has to say.


Now that you have an idea of what to talk about on a first date, you may be able to enjoy yourself a bit more.  Allow yourself to look forward to your first date with this person and keep an open mind about the possibilities.  Above all, keep whatever you talk about light and have a good time getting to know each other through talking on your first date.

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