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What Men Find Physically Attractive in Woman?

Love is Lust – True or not?


This subject has been debated time and again! Whether love is lust or vice versa is a big question in front of both the genders. Leaving the debate aside, we have to stamp and affirm the fact that mutual physical attraction is a major aspect of any relationship. The attractiveness part becomes much more prominent in the fairer sex. If a man doesn’t find a woman physically attractive, it is very difficult for them to get-together and fall in a relationship.


Beauty and a good physique with a pleasant personality is surely a big plus in the world of dating. Being beautiful and gorgeous is an important aspect of having a magnetic personality. It is not about being drop-dead gorgeous, but having a decent-looking face and a comparatively fit body. It is your body and your attire that covers the world and soul within you. Your body is your soul’s dress and therefore, even that should be equally beautiful. People who have studied psychology would know that men do give a lot of importance to the physical attractiveness and it forms a major part of love from their end. Physical compatibility and your body type suiting him, concerns many men of today’s world.


What all can be a major turn on?


  • Aesthetic Appearance


Your features, clothes and hair can be included in this, vital stats not to be mentioned! If you have a body to flaunt off, do wear clothes that highlight your positives and hide your negatives. Even if there is something in your physique that can turn off a person, it can still be worked on. Researching about your body type and then styling your own personality is a great idea. Hair should compliment your face shape and even your attire should be presentable. These can be a major turn on for any guy. If you look good, you will automatically feel nice and this will be evident in your approach.


  • Comfortable is Oomph


Carrying yourself is one of the most important things if you want to impress somebody. If you cannot carry yourself well, you will nowhere be in the race. It is always advisable to select clothes that make you feel comfortable. If you are not comfortable in whatever you are wearing, it is extremely difficult for you to concentrate on your talking and other aspects. When you are comfortable with your body type, however slim or hefty it is, you will automatically come across as a happy and confident individual and guys will surely not concentrate too much on the exterior.


  • Being healthy and energetic


A healthy body is always an advantage to a person. If you are not healthy enough then you cannot take care of others because a healthy body automatically possesses a healthy brain. Try and lead a healthy life. Follow a healthy diet and take to a fix exercising regimen. This will help you work on your body and your overall well-being will also be enhanced to a great extent. These practices will help you gain self-confidence and enjoy being yourself. This will not only make you physically appealing, but will also make your personality a radiant one.


  • Scent matters


No body likes to stink and be near stink! Almost 90% of guys find body odor a major turn off, so it is extremely important to smell good and pleasant. Smelling good is a major part of one’s personality. If you are stinky, no guy would come close to you. Your aura has to be comforting and a good fragrance does make a lot of difference.


  • Positive Vibes


Your smile and a positive approach can turn tables. Guys like women who have a positive outlook and can take the position of intelligent decision makers. They want supporters, not suppressors or the ones who doesn’t take an iota o initiative.


Few handy tips


Dress as per your body type. Personal grooming is an important aspect and you need to dress for the occasion. Select fabrics that will hide your flaws and highlight your positive assets. Your clothing should also speak about your personality. Do not over expose and come across as a desperate lady to get attention.  Leading a healthy life is important to feel good. Once the ‘feel good’ factor moves out of your life everything around you will seem extremely gloomy. Physical activity to keep your mind and body fresh is equally important. Keep pursuing an activity or hobby that makes you happy. A happy mind will surely reflect in one’s body language also.


You just need to have an amount of focus that will help you keep on track. Treat yourself also like a respectable individual and you will automatically be able to impress guys. All the best!

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