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UNCOVER the TRUTH about What Men Find Attractive About Women

Men find many things attractive and intriguing about women. In many ways, a woman is the exact opposite of a man, which is great, because it means they can supplement one another and thus be stronger when united.

Men find the way a woman moves attractive. The way they kiss, hug, snuggle, bring out their emotions and need to protect, are all very powerful reasons that men are drawn to their female counterparts. Women, in most cases, are the soft to a man's heart. Their bodies are softer, with less natural muscle mass and when a woman smiles, it can melt a man's heart like soft wax.

Men find women who are confident and aware of themselves as a physical and mental force to be reckoned with, very attractive. Men find women who are healthy, intelligent, have good hygiene; exude confidence and common sense, very attractive. In fact, for every type of conceivable woman, there is a man who fits them to a tee. It takes all types of people to make the world go round, and it takes all types of different personalities to make a relationship successful.

In some cases, a woman worries too much about what they think a man finds attractive, when they should be thinking about the right man who will compliment them, and make them happy. It isn't really about what men find attractive, and more about the right man, who will find you attractive.

You may feel as if you're not attractive at all. Maybe you've put on a few pounds, or you think your nose is too big. Whatever the case, there is a man out there who finds those particular traits attractive. Or perhaps, the size of your waistline or nose means next to nothing to him, and what he really finds attractive is your glowing personality and wit. Most men or people in general, find a sense of humor very attractive. It helps to put them at ease, and being able to have fun with someone is far better than cosmetic looks to most men. Looks fade over time, as we age, but personality is enduring.

The next time you find yourself wondering what men find attractive about women; just take a look in the mirror. Staring right back at you will be a woman who some men will find irresistible.

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