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DISCOVER What Men Find Adorable About Women

Not all men are created equally, and the same goes for women.  What some men may find adorable about a woman, other men may find annoying or a real turn off.  Basically, here are a few key traits that men find adorable about women.


Self-assured and independent


The days of the helpless damsel in distress are over.  Although some men may find the helpless damsel adorable, the majority of men prefer a woman with confidence, independence and self-assurance.  The main factor men find adorable about independent women is simple; in today’s modern world men want a partner to help share the load.  This includes bringing in a steady income, sharing the risks, and managing life.  There are rare exceptions, but most modern relationships need two strong and capable people to make a successful life and household.  Men appreciate women who can take care of themselves.  Although sometimes interpreted as stubborn, the woman who can take care of herself not only gains the adoration of men, but also gains respect. 




The majority of men certainly find the intelligent woman adorable.  There are still a few men out there that may find intelligent women intimidating.  This may be because these particular men may be lacking self-esteem and prefer the less intelligent woman in order to make themselves feel superior.  A woman of intelligence has the ability to carry on an in depth conversation and form opinions of her own.  When the kids are grown and living on their own, we’re left with just our spouse.  Being able to converse about various topics is a perfect means to keep your relationship strong.  This basically boils down to men adore women that have opinions and view of their own. 


Extra efforts


Sure you should never judge a book by its cover.  It’s a fact that men find women that take care of themselves adorable.  If given the choice between the over-weight couch potato and the more fit man, the majority would choose the latter.  This is true for men as well.  Men find women that make the extra effort in the morning to improve their appearance more adorable. This doesn’t mean women should have to spend hours on their appearance, just your basic hairdryer or mascara can make a big improvement on your daily, overall appearance.  


If you want men to adore you, be independent, have an opinion of your own and make that extra effort when getting ready to venture out. 

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