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What is Required to Get Married?
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Marriage is often the goal of dating and relationships.  What is required to get married for you, the modern and successful woman?  There are many considerations to take stock of beyond love and romance.  Passion and love are essential to a great marriage, but mutual respect, finances, and long term goals often have more lasting value. 


What is required to get married – A partner


Picking out a partner to do the “love, honor and cherish” thing with in a marriage can take a forever it seems.  There are more clich?s than you can count on searching for a mate.  Fish in the ocean, sand on the beach and more sayings are time worn ways to say there are a lot of men out there but finding your match is hard.  It requires effort, thought, persistence and the confidence to know the right one when he comes along.  Looking for perfection and settling for a “pretty good guy” are both recipes for disaster.  Relationships grow and the roots must be strong for the marriage to last, but not every little thing must be perfect.  A good partner must respect you, support your goals in life after marriage, and add to the quality of your lifestyle.  You must do the same for him or it’s not a good match. 


What is required to get married – A plan


Once you find the right partner (and he asks you the right question), you need to sit down with him and make a plan.  Start with the engagement, planning the wedding, and what happens for at least the few years after the event.  The length of each is important to think about together and work out any differences.  Long engagements can be good unless your jobs are in different areas or other factors would keep you apart if not married.  The important part is to make a plan together with equal parts of your thoughts and his. 


What is required to get married – A wedding


The ceremony to join you and your man can be simple or complex but it’ll help you learn even more about his thoughts.  You’ll see first hand the views and feelings of his family, your family and the interaction.  It is one of the first challenges you really face together as a couple to merge your wedding plans with the thoughts of both families and usually money concerns.  If you can do the wedding as a happy couple, you have answered the question of “what is required to get married?” well. 

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