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DISCOVER What Men Find Attractive About Females

Although there are many aspects where men and women differ, there seems to be a pattern about what attracts us to the opposite sex.  On a whole, both men and woman look for the same attributes of the opposite sex, theyíre just to a different degree, men tend to visualize more.  If youíre trying to get him to notice you, hereís the scoop about what men find attractive about females.


You will often find men glancing, or sometimes staring at any woman that walks by.  The well-dressed woman who walks gracefully across the room is bound to receive a few looks.  Men find the confident woman attractive because she gives the impression of being secure in herself.  Physical beauty and grace are not the only things men find attractive about females, but itís high on the list.  Men are definitely attracted to females that have a tendency to take care of themselves.  This doesnít necessarily mean that you have to possess zero percent body fat or have flawless skin, basically just take the extra means to present yourself in an attractive manner.


All men like a challenge, itís in their nature.  This is not only true on a sports field, but in the area of conversation as well.  Men find the intelligent woman attractive, and intriguing.   We all want to have that special someone that will be able to carry on an intellectual conversation.  Being able to maintain a conversation with knowledge, feedback and valid questions is sure to attract a man.  Carrying on a conversation into the wee hours of the night will leave him thinking about you for days to follow.


Laughter really is the best medicine.  The woman that can make men laugh will certainly catch a manís attention.  Its not just your attractive smile men will take pleasure in, itís the quick wit and your ability to also laugh at yourself that men will find attractive.  Laughing with him will put him at ease.  Possessing the ability to laugh at your own slipups will have him coming back for more.  


So take some time getting ready before you head out the door.  Spend some time fixing your hair and applying some mascara.  Be knowledgeable about many things so youíll be able to keep in the conversation.  Laugh out loud and men will not only find you attractive, but interesting as well.

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