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PROVEN Ways to Attract Men

The days of dictated courtship rules and men taking the lead are long gone and women are in a great position to find ways to attract men other generations never had.  No matter who you are or what you look like, you can attract men that are good for you and can give you what you want in a relationship.  You just have to try some of the different ways many women already use to attract men.  These ways arenít secretive at all.  All women can attract men at any time if she just knows the key to what draws men to women.

Attitude is everything when it comes to attracting men.  A positive attitude and confidence are so very attractive to any man.   Any woman who has already overcome her own self-doubts will tell you her confidence is the most effective tool she has.  Being positive is a close second in the ways a woman can attract a man.  Be careful not to cross the line between confidence and conceit.  It can be confusing when practicing how to feel your own confidence, but being positive is a very good way to keep your level of confidence in check.

Flirting is another one of the best ways to attract men.  It isnít as hard to flirt and some might think.  Sometimes the best flirting is to just be playful!  Being loud, obnoxious or bad-mannered are not useful when attracting me.  They almost always put men off.  Being confident, fun and maintaining eye contact are proven ways to have men notice a woman and help to initiate any attraction.  Donít let any time a man doesnít become attracted to you despite all of your best efforts bring you down.  Chemistry plays an important role in attraction and if there isnít the chemistry to attract a man, it has nothing to do with who you are.

No matter how confident or adept at flirting you are, if you donít go out regularly you canít attract men!  Get a small group of girlfriends together, talk about your goals and get out and have fun!  Keep the groups small so that it isnít intimidating to any interested men.  Bars and nightclubs arenít the only places a girl can attract men.  It is possible to attract men at places you visit regularly during your week like coffee shops, book stores, the gym and even grocery stores! 


One of the easiest ways to attract men is to be you.  You donít have to dress up or show a lot of skin.  Changing anything about who you are has never been proven to be an effective way a woman can attract men.  The proven methods that attract men are the ones that come from within you.  You already have attractive tools that men find appealing.  Enjoy yourself and be genuine.  Your confidence, attitude and availability are the best things you can use to attract men.

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