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PROVEN Ways for Women to Attract Men

History has provided us with stories of great women who had very powerful men at their feet, worshiping them.These women have also provided us with ways for women to attract men that are so effective yet not often considered.A woman can have many men clamoring to be at her side if she wants to, but first she has to know the ways to attract men that work and be ready to use them.Sometimes a girl just has to do a little bit of work before she is ready to become one of the most attractive women around.


No matter where you look for tips on how to have men attracted to you, there is one consistent way that keeps coming up.  Confidence is the one thing that most men canít resist.  You may think that no one can just become confident.  If you think that, then you might be right.  If you believe that anyone who wants to be confidence CAN be confident, then you have a very good chance of attracting men.  To build confidence to eventually attract men, try some exercises.  Imagine that you are the most beautiful woman around.  Believe that you are the most beautiful woman.  Tell yourself this many times a day, especially when you first wake up and again before falling asleep.  Next, imagine yourself with your ideal man.  Imagine he is so attracted to you that he is completely bewitched by you.  Your combination of beauty and ability to draw men to you will make attracting men easier than ever!


It is never necessary to change who you are on the inside or the outside.  Some sources that provide ways for women to attract men encourage women to lose weight or get new clothes.  It isnít necessary to do any of that to attract a man as long as a woman feels comfortable with herself.  If a new outfit is something that you would like to treat yourself to and not because you think it will attract men, then it is fine to pamper yourself a bit.  False presentation or deceit is never a good or effective way to attract men.  If fact, the result of trying to be someone you are not is often the opposite of attraction.


Now that you know you already have what it takes to be attractive to men, itís never going to work unless you get out and interact with other singles.  If you prefer to go out with friends, keep your group number small because men arenít likely to approach a large group.  You can attract men almost anywhere including bars, the grocery store, the gym and anywhere else other people go.  Be comfortable, have fun and enjoy yourself when using your ways for women to attract men.

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