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Top Ten Ways to Meet a Man: GUARANTEED

The ways to meet men are as numerous as men themselves.  However, there are certain things a woman can do to increase her chances of meeting the man she is looking for. 

1 Attend sporting events

Many men love sports and would be attracted to a woman who shares this interest.  One caveat, however, is that you should never feign an interest in sports just to attract a guy.  If you do like sports though, don't be afraid to let men see it.

2 Go grocery shopping   

Everyone needs to eat single men included.  Don't be afraid to strike up a conversation with a man over something as mundane as the lousy selection of produce.  Something that innocent could lead to a dinner invitation.

3 Walk your dog

Like sports, don't pretend to like animals for the sake of charming a man.  But if you already have a pet you adore, frequent places where animal-loving men will go too, such as the local dog park.  Even if you don't meet a great man there, your dog will love you for it.

4 Learn something

Taking a class at a local college is a great way to meet men, both in your specific class or simply on campus.  Building on this, study groups are an ideal way to get to know people better.

5 Hit the gym

If you work out, there is no better way to meet a man who will share your love for fitness.  Ask a nice guy to spot you while lifting or see if the man on the treadmill next to you would be interested in running the marathon you've signed up for.

6 Talk to your friends

The people who know you best might just have the perfect man for you, but are waiting for the okay to hook you up.  Give them permission by agreeing to a group outing so you can meet the man without the pressure of a date.

7 Go to church

If you want a man of the same faith, it makes sense to seek them out at church.  Most churches also have singles groups, which removes the majority of the legwork for you.

8 Click away

Don't dismiss the idea of meeting a man online.  Yes, there are a lot of people who have no success with this.  Of course, that could be said of any method for meeting men. 

9 Get your groove on

Yes, meeting men at bars and night clubs is clich?. Yes, you run the risk of attracting jerks.  However, too many people hook up successfully this way for there not to be some merit to the idea.

10 - Relax

Don't just dash into the local coffee joint, grab a mug and go.  Linger while reading a good book or people watching.  Coffee houses are crowded with men doing the same and can almost always lead to a conversation.

The simple fact is men aren't all that different from women and there are a million ways and places to meet men.  The key is to be yourself; think about what you like to do with others and you will likely find men doing it too.  Then all you need is a great opening line.  "Hello" tends to work wonders.

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