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Tips and Tricks - Where to Meet a Man

Are you tired of waiting for Mr. Right to come along?If youíve invested too many wasted hours on wondering if heíll ask you out on a date, hereís some advice on how to find a man.


Think like a Man


Basically go places you think men would go.  Check out your local hardware store or hardware chain.  Better yet, have a simple home project in mind, like replacing the bathroom mirror, nothing too difficult.  Have a piece of paper with dimensions on it, it will look like youíre a pro and organized.  Walk around the store, there are sure to be single men around, just waiting to be found.  He may just come up to you first, perhaps offer assistance.  Certainly heís already impressed by the fact that youíre there by yourself getting supplies to independently start your home project. 




Face it, men like sports.  Whether itís on television, the big screen at the local bar, a stadium or arena, you will find men at almost any sporting event. Take up a sport, like golf for instance.  Since golf is considered a manís sport, youíre sure to find a man there.  Take a few lessons and get out on the course.  You could even try winning tickets from your local radio station for any sporting events.  Perhaps youíll win tickets to see a neighboring football team in action.  Read some information about the rules, throw on your jersey and find your seat.  The man youíre looking for may end up sitting right beside you.


Dirty Laundry


Take the comforter off your bed and throw it into one of those big washing machines at your neighborhood laundry mat.  Of course you should be able to find a man standing there doing his laundry.  Watch how he does it, and what he wears.  You may be able to determine if heís the businessman or mechanic.  Youíll also be able to see if heís washing any ladies clothing, indicating heís not really single, so move on.  Perhaps bring along a book to read, thatíll make you look like youíre prepared to be there a while.  Next try a different laundry mat, and a different comforter.


Where you go to meet men is not all that difficult.  By thinking like a man, and going places men would find interesting, single men are sure to be found.  

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