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Whether you are already in a relationship or you are just looking into finding your own man, all women are concerned about how to keep a man once they are in a relationship.  It isnít as hard as you might think to keep a man in a relationship.  Before you concern yourself with keeping a man, you should really consider if the man you want to keep is actually worth keeping!  Is he good to you?  Does he consider your thoughts and feelings?  Is he respectful of not only you but your friends and family?  If your man is good for you, then all you need to do to keep him is to be good to him.  If any of the previous questions caused you concern, you might want to consider that your man might not be worth keeping and move on.

You can keep your man happy by just being who you already are.  A man is incredibly attracted to a woman who is comfortable with herself and he can keep himself interested in her because her good feelings are contagious.  If you are self-conscious and unhappy with any part of you both physically and emotionally, it is time to turn that around if you are determined to keep a man in your life.  Keep doing whatever it takes to make yourself feel good about you from being committed to adopting a more positive attitude to diving into self-help books or even therapy.  Do this more for you than for your man and keep doing whatever works for you.

Women who are successful in their relationships often advise that keeping a man on his toes in how to keep a man.  The best way to keep a man interested using this advice is to keep your own independent life.  It is wonderful if you include your man in this life, but only if he is interested.  No man enjoys a woman who is needy or clingy.  Men do what they can to keep away from these kinds of women.  If you have your own interests, friends and activities, your man will find you more interesting and it can even give you an air of mystery.

You donít have to transform or commit your life to doing anything possible to keep any man in a relationship with you.  If you are already living that way, your man is probably thinking of moving on or he has an unhealthy idea of what a relationship should be with a woman.  When both a man and a woman have independence, respect and affection in a relationship, you will find that that is how to keep a man interested and engaged in your relationship.

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