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Secret Tips for Online Dating Success - Make It Happen

Weíve all tried the bar scene, with or without success.  Now online dating seems to be the way to go.  Once youíve developed your profile and an alias name youíre on your way to online dating.  Here are some tips for online dating success.


Honesty is the Best Policy


One of the most important tips for online dating success is to be honest.  Itís important to be honest about who you are.  Be upfront about yourself, make sure that the picture you posted is up to date, and is not digitally enhanced.  Imagine how disappointed youíd be if you thought your first face-to-face date was going to look like Richard Gere but ended up looking like Donald Trump.  You donít want to waste your precious time getting to know someone only to find out theyíre not six feet tall but are actually six inches shorter than you are.  Since you expect honest, so do they.  Honesty is the best policy for online dating success.


Keep it Light


Donít divulge too much information.  Another key tip for online dating success is to keep it light by not giving them all the information about you, but saving some aspects about yourself for when you actually get to meet them.  Sure you can tell them the basics, like you love animals, that you have a steady job and that youíve been single for seven months.  To have online dating success, itís great to let them know what youíre all about, but youíll want to save some of that pertinent information about yourself to share at a later date. 


Communication is a two-way Street


Let your online dating pave the way to a successful, long-lasting relationship.  One other key tip for online dating success is to communicate.  Communication is a two-way street; speaking and listening.  Show your online date respect, and listen to them without interrupting.   Let them share part of themselves as well.  Ask them questions about things that are important to you.  Perhaps ask something about their hobbies, or careers, itís not all about you.  Conversing and listening are great tools for online dating success.  You want to get to know as much about them just as they desire to learn about you. 


By practicing these tips for online dating success, you can pave the way to an enjoyable offline first date and maybe even find that amazing man youíve been looking for. 

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