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The RIGHT Things to Say
to Attract Men Like Magic

Some women have a difficult time finding things to say to attract men.  These women have the confidence to look good and feel good, but sometimes that awkward moment happens when you are with a guy and you are struggling to put something together to keep him interested.  There are a number of things a woman can say when attracting men, but they are almost worthless unless she keeps her conversation light and positive.  Men are immediately put off by women who have a victim mentality or who just complain about work, friends, men, past relationships and other topics.  Always stay positive when attracting men through conversation!  The positive attitude alone is attractive and the conversation that follows is just icing on the cake.


When you find yourself with an attractive guy and you’re struggling to find something to say, there are some really good conversation starters to rely on that will not only attract him to you but engage his curiosity about you as well.  If you are experiencing a moment of strained silence, you can always ask a question.  There are no rules that forbid asking questions to any attractive men!  Of course, you want to avoid asking about past relationships.  Men sometimes don’t like to talk about what they do when they are getting to know someone new because they fear that some women are “gold diggers”.  You can, however, ask questions that may prompt him to offer information about what he does for a living.  Follow his cue when saying anything to try and attract him to you.  Men love to talk about what they think or experiences they’ve had.  Any guy is attracted to a positive, relaxed and warm woman who is interested in him.


You don’t have to do all of the talking.  Only help him along while enjoying the conversation.  Try to ask a question about something interesting you noticed about him when thinking of things to say to attract men.  Men also enjoy learning about the woman that they are talking to, so don’t hesitate to let him know about you when the opportunity arises.  You can say something about your hobbies, interests or your job as long as you keep it positive.  Remember, positive people often have positive results when attracting men.  Men are also attracted to women who are independent and have their own interests.


If you find that you are really struggling to find something to say that will attract a man, there are a few tried and true conversation starters you can use to help you out.  Most men enjoy a sport, so you can ask him if he has a favorite sport or team.  If you open the window for men to talk about something they like, it helps them to relax and be more attracted to you.  As mentioned earlier, try to notice something like his shoes or watch.  You can mention you like it and ask him where he got it.  Men are attracted to women who notice some of the details in the effort they took to get ready for a night out.


When all else fails, you can be a bit generic when thinking of things to say to attract men.  Ask him if he’s ever done something that you have enjoyed doing or if he’s ever been to some of your favorite places.  Men who are attracted to the women they are with will want to make an effort to get to know you as well.  Men have to show that they are interested in you, too, or they simply aren’t worth your time.  You can attract men by being lighthearted and genuinely interested in the conversation.  Nothing attracts men more than that.

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