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Five Steps to Get Married EXPOSED

You have gone to school, traveled, built a career and accomplished many of the goals you had to make yourself a self-assured and complete woman.  You still have plans, but one of those on your list is “find a man to share my life with” or something similar.  Heading towards a long term relationship or marriage can be a daunting task.  Here are five steps to get married for the woman who has reached a comfortable and confident place in her life. 


1) Steps to get married – Dating or Find that man


The first step seems obvious but can take a long time and great effort – to find a potential partner for life.  Anyone who dates knows there are lots of duds as compared to gems.  Many great guys to date are not fantastic prospects for marriage.  They may not have a secure job, stable goals or the desire to commit to anything long term.  After some time and effort, you can find a great partner that is willing and could be a great partner with respect, love and mutual support for life.


2) Steps to get married – Take time to know each other well


The emotions and joy at finding a good guy out of the pool is so exciting.  Keep your head on your shoulders and working as well as your heart.  Make sure you talk and explore each others goals and thoughts for the future.  Just having fun is not a good plan for marriage.  Meet his friends and do some of the things he loves to do.  Invite him into your inner circle of friends and events.  Really talk about how you each feel about your likes and dislikes.


3) Steps to get married – Meet the family


You are thinking of spending forever with this man, and he comes with a history and a family.  You need to get to know them and introduce yourself as well.  He needs to meet your family.  You need to ask your family their thoughts on your chosen.  Marriage is hard enough without open hostility between the couple and families involved. 


4) Steps to get married – Plan the wedding and beyond


It has been said that if you survive the wedding planning as a happy couple, you probably have a bright future together.  Marriage planning involves you, the families, and friends. Often times you face conflicted choices for place and time.  Remember you can take your time, and while you need to involve the rest of the relations, the ultimate wedding choices are for you and your man. 


5) Steps to get married – Do the deed


After all this work you can finally have the event and move on to a whole new life together.  Take the gifts, and enjoy your loving partner for the rest of your life. 

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