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SECRETS to Attract Men that
Have Been Around for Centuries

If you think about some of the most famous women in history and the men in their lives, it is interesting to notice that these women arenít always very attractive.  What made these women special is that they knew invaluable secrets to attract men that every woman already possesses.  They simply took these secrets and attracted the men that came to be important in their lives.  Most of the resources available to help a woman attract men ignore these secrets and emphasize artificial ways to attract men.  These may work to a certain extent, but no relationship based on falseness and concealment is likely to be healthy or lasting.  The most effective secrets women can use to attract men are just waiting to be utilized!


Women are born with so many ways to attract men, it can be mind boggling.  Women tend to be soft, both physically and emotionally and men are very attracted to that softness.  A womanís hair is a great way to attract men.  They enjoy, again, the softness of a womanís hair.  Contrary to what is presented in the media and entertainment industry, men love a womanís curves.  It is part of that softness he enjoys so much.  Finally, all women have pheromones.  That means that all women have a scent to attract men.  Donít cover up one of your best assets with a lot of perfume!


The most common hindrance a woman has to her access to the secrets to attract men she already possesses is usually the woman herself!  A womanís negative thoughts and self-criticism is often the only thing that stands between her and her ability to be a master of attracting men.  If a woman ever considers that she isnít pretty enough, not likeable enough, could never get a guy that is so attractive, isnít thin enough, isnít tall enough and so forth, and then she has effectively shut down all of her abilities to attract men in a single moment.  Negative thoughts are commonly demonstrated through body language and sometimes even inadvertently communicated through words.


Practice telling yourself how wonderful and attractive you are several times a day.  Work on believing that these thoughts are true.  I doubt there is any enjoyment in thinking negative thoughts about oneís own body or appearance.  Allow yourself some enjoyment and work on the belief that you are beautiful and have so much to offer men.  Men are genuinely put off by negativity.  They are especially put off by a woman who is negative about who she is on both the inside and the outside.


The secrets to attract men arenít really secrets at all.  These secrets feel like they must be a mystery because for some reason it has become a common practice for women to be incredibly self-critical.  The only secret here is what is holding you back from attracting men with what you already have to offer.  Overcome this mystery, believe in what you have to offer and you will have the power to attract men at any time you choose.

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