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Discover the ONLY Online Dating Rules to Live By

Online dating seems to be todayís way of meeting that special someone.  There are a few rules to online dating that just may save your life. 


The first rule to online dating is never give out your home address or telephone number.  You donít want someone harassing or stocking you, especially if you told them under no uncertain terms that youíre not interested in them. They may seem wonderful while chatting online, but once youíve met face to face, you may not feel as comfortable with them. By giving your address or phone number, you just may be leading this person right to your doorstep.


When the time comes for your first face-to-face date, always make sure itís in a public place.  Agree to meet at the movie entrance, or the lobby of the restaurant or coffee shop.  Even if it seems gentleman-like for them to pick you up at home, opt for driving yourself.  This way you have your own vehicle and you can leave whenever you want or feel the need to.


Pay your own way.  This important online dating rule is a safe bet.  Sure women like to be pampered and taken out, who doesnít!  By paying your own way you wonít be left feeling that you owe your date something.  Plus, theyíll see you as an independent woman whoís self-sufficient.  This is just an added bonus.


Another online dating rule, make sure you inform a close friend that youíre meeting your online date for the first time.  Ask your friend to call you during the date.  Perhaps even have some predetermined code word.  If you tell your friend every thing is fine thatís great, enjoy it.  If youíre a bit uncomfortable perhaps say to your friend, ďAre you ok?Ē  Then you can tell your date that youíre sorry you have to leave but your friend needs you.  Now youíre free to leave, plus you look like a reliable friend!


Following rules for online dating will keep you safe.  Use common sense and donít feel obligated to do something you donít want to do.   If for any reason you feel uncomfortable during your date, donít feel that you have to stay.  You have your own vehicle, use it.  Call your friend and tell them youíre on your way home, and as another precaution, call them again once youíre home safely.

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