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We are all looking for that long lasting relationship full of love, laughter and romance.Relationship compatibility may be the answer to the success of those things plus many others.


Making sure youíre in a compatible relationship should seem easy, but sometimes things arenít always as they seem.  Letís first start with the basics, your morals.  If you think of yourself as a person with upstanding morals, youíll want to make sure you find someone with the same values.  For example, if you the type of individual that would go out of their way to help that elderly lady across the street, or return the missing wallet with all the money still inside, you will want to find someone who would do the same.   Youíre not going to be content with someone who would retrieve the money then toss the wallet aside.


Relationship compatibility should also focus on other issues such as being family oriented.  If you attend all your family functions, niecesí and nephewís birthday parties, or family reunions, it is essential to have a mate that is of the same mind.  That way they understand the value of family as well as commitment and loyalty.


Interests also play a crucial part in relationship compatibility.  If youíre an active individual who plays sports all year long, itís important to have that common factor with your other half.  Itís a great feeling having your spouse support your extra curricular activities and even better if they join you on the golf course or the ball diamond.  Finding yourself involved with that couch potato could make you become one yourself, and youíd be losing that part of you that you enjoyed so much.


Activities in the bedroom would also be an important aspect to achieving relationship compatibility.  Perhaps your other half is a little more on the wild side and this makes you uncomfortable.  Although sex is not the only aspect of a relationship, itís important that youíre compatible in the bedroom as well. 


Get to know your partner, and let them get to know you.  Communicate openly and honestly, respect their opinions even if you donít agree with them. Listen attentively as you would like them to listen to you, even if something is not important to you, it may be very important to them.  Respect your other half as well as yourself and youíll be in that compatible relationship you deserve.

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