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Pros and Cons of Online Dating REVEALED

Online dating seems to be todayís way of meeting the person of your dreams.  What can be more convenient than hanging out in front of your computer in the comfort of your own home instead of the local bar?  


There are pros and cons to online dating though.  Letís talk about the pros first.  Many singles find it easier chatting with someone on line than in person.  You donít have to worry about what to wear or if youíre having a bad hair day.  You can ask those uncomfortable questions that you want answered but would never ask face to face.  Online dating pros may also include not having to drive anywhere, especially if youíre a single parent, you can still be at home while your kids tucked safely in bed.  This would also help with your budget, as you wonít have to pay for a babysitter.


Another pro to online dating is the advantage of getting to know the otherís personality by responses they make to your questions or statements.  You can ask questions and evaluate their responses, and if they appear to be compatible you have the option to keep chatting, if they donít seem to be your type, you can simply block them.


Another pro to online dating is the convenience of being able to search for your dream date any time you want.  You can log on to any dating web site, any time of day, even at 2 am if youíre having one of those sleepless nights.


Online dating can also have many cons.  The person youíre corresponding with may not be the person theyíre portraying to be.  They may seem to be this easy-going, down to earth individual when in reality they may be someone totally different.  Since youíre not looking at them and making eye contact, it may not be as easy to tell if theyíre feeding you a line.  


Another con could be their picture is inaccurate; perhaps theyíve posted a picture from years ago when they were fit and weighed less.  If youíre first impression for finding your perfect match is based on looks, perhaps ask how recent their picture actually is.


Regardless of your dating history, be conscious of the pros and cons to online dating.  There are many fish in the sea, donít settle, but be sure to watch out for the sharks.

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