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Online Dating Tips for the Beginner

The internet is one of the best places to find a suitable potential friend or for that matter a lifetime partner. Other than the several social networking and matrimony sites, one of the best places to find an interesting friend is the chatroom. However, not all chatroom conversations can end up in a successful relationship. If you have found someone is a chatroom, who you think, may just be your type, and can be a suitable partner for you, then here are a few online dating tips that you could employ to win him over. Other than this, you should also ensure that you do not give the right kind of signals to the wrong people. Thus, also pay enough attention o the ‘don’ts’ that have been enlisted below.


?       Do not Fake Your Identity!


Whoever made the proverb “be yourself” wasn’t lying. The first and foremost thing is to “be you”. You are serious about finding a potential partner or for that matter even a date, then you should remember not to lie online. You should let people know what you are there for. This will also help you avoid wasting too much time chatting with people who might not be your type. Besides, if you are fat, and someone asks you about the same, then you might as well say that ‘I am Fat!’ not lie about how you wear skimpy clothes and look like Nicole Kidman. Changing yourself momentarily never works out as the reality has to come up one day.


However, this does not mean that you go ahead and reveal everything about yourself, including your phone number (women especially!), the first time you chat with someone. You must not forget that chatrooms can end up being dangerous places too. Exchanging phone numbers is a step which shall be taken cautiously and after you are sure about what you are doing.


If you are already dating with a fake identity, then you are not going to have so much fun! Besides, there is no point in dating at all, if you are going to date with a fake identity, because nobody knows that the person sitting on the end might be faking it too.



?       Doing Things Together


You could plan out certain activities and do them together on the internet. You could choose activities that both of you will enjoy together. You could decide on your activities in accordance with his hobbies. You could also play online games together, earn points together if the game offers so and then finally spend them together or discuss an issue that might be o importance to both of you. Other than this, you could probably share music or pictures. The feeling of togetherness is a high for both of you.


In other words, your chatroom partner should be more like your best friend than anything else. Someone, who helps you deal with your problems and also listens to everything that you might have to say. However, before you develop an intense relationship with him, you should get a basic understanding of who he is and thus, ensure that the person is not someone with a fake identity.


?       So what if is the Internet? Be Subtle!


Chatrooms might be a great place for dating, but you should remember, the fact that you are already dating or will be dating someone through the internet is bad enough, and you need not be all that open and seem rather desperate!


If you and your chatroom friend have already told each other about your feelings, then you should try and be romantic and charming in your ways; quite like as if you were with him. You could also decide on a certain place where you could meet each other. However, the place that you decide on should be convenient for both of you. That brings us to the next tip.


?       Meeting Your Chatroom Friend


Meeting your chatroom friend is one way of taking the relationship a step forward. You could decide a place where you could meet up and perhaps have a cup of coffee together. Besides, once you have met him, you could keep meeting each other and probably settle together. However, you should also remember, that online dating relationships do not always end up being as successful as you would want them to be. Nonetheless, you could always go back to an online dating site or chatroom and start all over again.


You could use these online dating tips to find someone, and get him to like you, or just to further better and enhance your chatroom relationship. However, you should be careful when you decide to date online, and thus avoid being cheated.

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