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Congratulations on finally meeting someone worthy of your time and effort and worth pursuing. 


Now here is some advice for your new dating relationship.  First and most importantly, be honest with them, as well as yourself.  Nobody wants a relationship based on lies and deceit.  When asked a question answer openly and honestly.  If the question makes you feel uncomfortable say so.  Replying with, “that question makes me feel uncomfortable” is an honest answer.  It may not be the answer they were looking for, but at least you were honest with your response.  Let them get to know the real you.


Don’t rush into anything.  Taking a relationship slow is some great advice when starting a new dating relationship.  This does not only pertain to sex, but also any mention of future plans like living together, marriage or children.  You don’t want to come off too strong or seem needy.  Nor would you like someone to pressure you into moving faster than what feels comfortable for you.


Try not to suffocate one another.  Keep your previous commitments and allow them to have their free time as well.  If every other Thursday was “girls’ night out”, keep with that routine.  Who knows where this new dating relationship is going, and you don’t want to lose your friends just because some new beau comes along. 


Listen openly to what they have to say, and you should expect the same in return.  By listening openly you can tell how compatible you really are.  By not listening, you may miss a very important factor about this new person you’re dating.  This factor could be good or bad, so it’s better to pay attention so you don’t miss anything.  Wouldn’t it feel nice to have him remember that your favourite colour is red when you only mentioned it in passing on the first date?  Communication is a key factor during your new dating relationship.


Show them respect, and remember self-respect is also important. Letting them be an individual is important.  Don’t try to mould them to be who you want them to be, or who you think they should be.  Keep in mind not to let them try to change you either.  Be happy with who you are, respect yourself.


Enjoy your new dating relationship by taking things slow and steady.  Getting to know one another will be fun and exciting.  Honesty, communication and respect will build a strong foundation for your dating relationship.

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