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Meeting Men:
Is It a Science or Just Luck?

The bar…better known as the traditional, boring, and stereotypical place that women and men think of to meet their life-mate. But what kind of men can you possibly hope to find at the bar? You might meet the drunken guy who comes to the same bar four nights of the week. Perhaps the young guy, out to have a good time, which has very little responsibility, and barely knows what life is all about yet? And how can you possibly hope to get a good read on someone, when they're working on getting intoxicated? Why bother when there are so many other places where you can meet men who have the same interests as you. Sure, you might luck out and meet the man who completes you, but the chances aren't all that great.


Meeting men is easy. They're all around you everywhere you go. You might meet your dream guy in the shopping mall, grocery store, corner store, laundry mat, in the park, in the doctor's office or standing behind you in line at your local coffee shop.


The best way to meet men is to live a little. Do things you enjoy doing, and meet men wherever you are. If you enjoy painting, for instance, take your paints down to the park and paint yourself a beautiful landscape scene. Maybe ask the next cute, single guy to pose for a portrait. Maybe a guy stops to admire your work, giving you the perfect chance to start up a conversation.


Take a class in something that interests you. You might just meet a guy who intrigues you, is interested in the same things you are and just happens to be in the same class as you, on a weekly basis. That would give you plenty of chances to start up a conversation, possibly opening the door to a great lifelong relationship.


The point is, men are everywhere, and meeting a man just takes some confidence. Be confident enough to talk to the next gorgeous guy you meet, and you might even surprise yourself. Men love confident women and the worst that could happen, by starting a conversation, is that you don't like one another. No problem, just move on. There are plenty of fish in the sea, so don't sweat it. Keep enjoying yourself, and the right man will come along.

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