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The BEST Way to Meet a Man

Youíre single and on the prowl.You looking for someone youíre compatible with, whoís mature, responsible and can make you laugh.There is various ways to meet men.Follow these tips for the best way to find him.


Get out of the house.  You canít meet men if you canít see them, or if they canít see you. If you have a park in your neighbourhood go for frequent walks.  Adorn your fashionable attire and strut you stuff.  Odds are there are some men at the park playing baseball.  Pull up a seat on the bleachers and watch them play.  Make this a ritual.  If they happen to play on a Wednesday, odds are they play every Wednesday.  Make sure you look your best, even if you wear shorts and a t-shirt on a hot day, make sure theyíre not baggy and hiding all your curves. 


If you're doing the online dating thing and trying to meet a man, make sure you use all the options in your search criteria.  Narrow it down to exactly what you want.  The best way to meet a man is to be honest, explain who you are and what youíre all about.  Also describe exactly what you are looking for in a man and a relationship.  If it should happen that you donít get the response you want, perhaps only change the range in the distance of where they live.  For example, if your search criteria indicated you would like to meet a man within thirty miles of your house, perhaps change that to forty or fifty.  


Another way to meet a man is to try to involve yourself in things that interest men.  For instance, take a course that involves tools.  Many hardware stores offer do-it-yourself instruction lessons on how to complete home projects.  Sign yourself up.  You can make another one of your rituals, perhaps every Saturday morning.  Grab a coffee, a pad and paper and a seat.  While youíre listening to the instructor, take a look around.  The man youíre looking for may be sitting right beside you, or perhaps heís the handy-man instructor. 


The best way to meet a man is to get out there and get noticed.  When youíre out and about, try to look your best.  Try starting a conversation, even itís asking what time it is or a comment on the weather.  The man youíre looking for is surely close by.

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