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Do you know anyone who seems to always find the most difficult way to complete any task?  This is exactly what women tend to do when they want to learn to attract men.  Women seek out guidance from so-called experts who instruct women to buy a new wardrobe, get their hair done or lose a few pounds.  If these things make a woman feel better about who she is, then they may play a small role in how she attracts men.  However the truest and most effective way a woman can attract men is through her own self-confidence and comfort level with who she really is.


A woman who recently returned from a trip to Hollywood was told that if you see someone you recognize as looking a bit like a movie star, it probably is that star but you canít be sure because their makeup is what makes them truly recognizable.  This just proves that they only wear what you see in pictures to represent an image.  It is not real. 


If you take the time to look around you, you arenít going to see many, if any, women who look like movie stars or models in magazines.  You will see women of all shapes, sizes and colors around you.  This is the real world and how men genuinely see women.  Men are basically simple creatures.  Their basic needs from a woman include someone who is comfortable with who she is, has her own interests and he needs to know that she cares for him.  Thatís really all a man wants.  The tricky part of attraction for men happens when you first meet.


If you have a healthy self-image and donít come off as cocky or needy, attracting men should be no problem.  To attract men beyond his interest in you is often beyond your control.  Chemistry plays such an important role in how attractive a person is to another.  You can learn to attract men until you are never alone when you leave the house, but not every man you meet can be the one that you fall in love with.  When nothing comes of dates with men, it isnít personal.  It is often easy to attract a man, but it is more difficult to find the match that has the chemistry of a lasting relationship.


Keep an open mind when meeting new people.  Always take the time go get to know the men you meet and allow them to get to know who you are and what you have to offer.  No matter what you feel you look like right this very minute, you have a great deal to give the right man!  Knowing and believing that you are a great catch is all you need to attract men.


If you donít believe without a doubt that you are wonderful and any man would be lucky to have you, no matter what other artificial tricks you try, you will probably never have a lasting or healthy relationship.  Without your commitment to yourself, you will most likely attract men who target those insecurities and take advantage of them.  You are in charge of who you attract and where that attraction goes.  That power alone is empowering and an excellent reason to appreciate being a woman!

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