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How to Keep a Man Interested in You and Give You the WORLD

So much information available on relationships today suggests you can keep a man interested as long as you keep on giving of yourself.Some of this information is just emotionally unhealthy in the extent it advises women to go in order to make a man happy enough to remain interested in their relationship.If it isnít healthy, it simply isnít good for either the man or the woman.You donít have to change who you are or what you like in order to have a man remain interested in you.Healthy relationships are based on mutual respect with a bit of spice added for fun and excitement.


Men like to feel that they are with a woman who is interested in his opinions and what he has to say.  Men are also very attracted to women who have their own independent thoughts and ideas.  The key is to be a good listener without criticizing or judging a man while expressing your own thoughts.  Men who feel put down or belittled are very quick to lose interest in any woman no matter how physically attractive she might be.  In turn, no woman should be with a man who criticizes or judges her.  Mutual respect is essential for any relationship to flourish.  Keeping any man interested hinges on that one concept.


A woman who knows how to be independent, spontaneous and playful has what it takes to keep a man interested.  Donít feel you have to tell your man everything there is to know about you and your life all in one day.  Let him know some of the important things and, of course, honestly answer him when he asks you a pointed question.  Youíll be pleased at how many times you are able to surprise your man with a little tidbit here and there that he didnít know about you!  He will find you interesting and mysterious if you allow yourself to be.  Also being spontaneous when planning things for a man and when you share close and intimate times is very powerful when it comes to keeping him interested.


Keep your independence even if you are involved in a relationship.  This tends to be important for the success of any relationship.  Men stay interested in women who have their own lives, friends and opinions.  If you both care for each other, you will make time to spend together as well as maintaining other relationships and interests.  Be sure to appreciate the time you spend with a man.  Men really love to feel needed and cared for.  As long as you both have a healthy level of independence and respect for each other, there is no reason why any woman shouldnít be able to keep a man interested while she maintains her own self-respect.

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