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SECRET Internet Dating Tips Revealed

We all know a thing or two about Internet dating.  Some have tried it and have found their soul mate.  Others are leery about the whole Internet dating concept, but still have some curiosity about the whole notion.  Once you’ve logged on the various internet dating web sites, created your profile and added a recent picture, you’re ready to get started on internet dating.  Here are a few Internet dating tips you should know. 


Never provide someone with your personal information.  Sure you can give them your first name, date of birth and hair colour, but never any pertinent information that will give them the ability to physically locate you.  Don’t give out your address.  Remember your mom saying, “Don’t talk to strangers,” well the same concept applies when Internet dating. You don’t want anyone coming to your door, unannounced at odd hours of the night.  Especially if they know you work nine to five, they can come to your home during your working hours and remove your valuable belongings.  The same can be achieved when giving out your home or work phone number.  With the “reverse look-up” options, someone can easily retrieve your home address.  Keeping your personal information personal is the most valuable Internet dating tip you’ll ever receive.


Be honest when Internet dating.  If you’ve just informed them that you got that big promotion and are making a triple figure income, odds are that they’ll find out the truth once you’ve started dating on a more serious level.  You wouldn’t them to do this to you.  If you’re looking for a man who is self-supportive and has his own income you’d be devastated to know that he’s been jobless during your internet dating experience and that he is expected to be carried financially.  Heed this Internet dating tip, be honest about the information you do provide.  Question their information if it seems a bit exaggerated.  Use your instincts.  If your instincts are telling you that things seem too good to be true, they probably are.  Just remember this advice, take things with a grain of salt.


These Internet dating tips will help keep you safe.  They will also help keep your family safe, especially if you’re a single, working parent.  Take it slow and ask a lot of questions that you feel are important.  Remember, although you’re being honest with them, they may not be offering you the same honesty in return.


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