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How to Meet a Good Man You've Always Wanted

The best way to meet a good man is to take steps to be a good woman.  This does not mean drop by his apartment every Tuesday to do his laundry and clean up after him.  Donít offer to do all the errands that he hates to do himself, he may just be using you and therefore is really not that good man youíre looking for.


Portray yourself as the self-sufficient, intelligent woman that you are.  In this day and age, men prefer women that can support themselves, especially financially.  If you donít have a steady job, perhaps find one, even if you have to take a course to upgrade your education.  This will show dedication and determination.  Iím sure if you would prefer to be in a relationship with someone that you didnít have to support, you wouldnít want to have to pay for all the dates you go on and have to help him pay his rent as well as your own expenses.  This is an important factor if youíre looking to meet a good man.


Join some group activities.  You could join the gym, a Thursday night volley ball league, or even a wood working class.  If you would like to meet a good man youíre more likely to find him there, and not the local bar.  You may even find a good man at your cityís Saturday morning kidís soccer practice.  Certainly a lot of single dads take their kids to soccer, hockey, dance class or swimming.  Even if youíre looking for a good man without kids, sometimes uncles take their nieces or nephews to these sporting commitments. 


If youíre trying to meet a good man, dress nicely.  If you happen to join a class, physical or educational, try to look your best.  Donít show up to wood working class in a mini-skirt and pumps, but perhaps those nice fitting jeans.  You donít want to look out of place; you just want to be noticed.  Instead of sitting in a corner reading a book while the kids are playing hockey, stand up and cheer them on.  No need to yell at the top of your lungs, a little bit of clapping will let that good man know you take interest in whatís important to your child.  This is sure to attract him and you already have a common interest.  This could be the ice breaker to start a conversation and perhaps the first date with that good man.

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