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How to Make a Relationship Last FOREVER

Everything you need to know to make a relationship last and flourish, is contained within this article. Every woman who has ever suffered through a horrible breakup, which is most of us, or had a great guy get a way, would like to know how to make a relationship last.


How do you make a relationship last? It's really quite simple, but for most of us, we find it much harder to practice, than to read it.


Your Own Space


Men and people in general, don't like to feel crowded. Have your own friends, and do things apart. The time apart will only heighten your want to be around them later.




Your partner wants to feel as though they're important. You can go a long way in proving this to him by respecting him. Don't call him names when he makes a mistake, and listen to him when he voices his opinion, even if you don't agree. Make him feel important, and valued, and you're one step closer to making your relationship last.


Don't Compare


Sure you may have had other relationships, but no guy wants to be compared with them. Value your man for who he is, and don't feed his jealous side by comparing him to other men you have dated.


Do Something Special For him Now And Again


Just like you like to be treated to a special surprise now and then, so does your man. He loves it when you think about him and make the effort to show him. It doesn't have to be extravagant, but maybe a surprise picnic lunch, or a back massage every once in a while will help make your relationship last. Isn't your man worth it?




Don't use sex as a weapon. Don't 'cut him off' or threaten to do so. Sex is not a weapon, but something you should both enjoy as the ultimate expression of your love for each other. Don't cheapen it with threats.




Nobody likes to be lied to. Keep your relationship honest and your man will respect you for it. He'll know that when you tell him something, you're not lying. This is very important in any relationship, and your relationship won't last, if it's not based on mutual trust.




When your partner does something nice for you, tell him you appreciate it. It will make him want to do it more, and thus help your relationship last.


By using these tips on how to make a relationship last, you can do just that. There are no karmic secrets involved in making a relationship last. Respect, trust, appreciation and open communication are the foundations you need to build on. After that, the sky's the limit!


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