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How to Keep Your Man
Happy and Wanting More

There really isnít any big mystery surrounding how to keep your man.If your man wants to leave, then it is because he isnít happy.When a man isnít happy, he is going to find happiness where he can.It is just that simple!If you want to keep your man, they you really need to pay attention and learn how to keep him happy.

If you want to keep your man happy, it doesnít require you to change your whole life so that it revolves around him.If you already do that, you need to stop right now!Men do not like clingy, obsessive or possessive women.Men enjoy a woman who has her own life and interests yet still finds time to include her man in her life.This is attractive and keeps your man guessing as to what to expect from you.Your man is likely more concerned with the quality of the time you spend together rather than the amount of time you spend together.Oddly enough, the more your man enjoys the time he spends with you, the more he will keep trying to find ways to spend even more time together.Let him do some chasing and keep him on his toes!

Conforming to all of your manís likes and dislikes is not how to keep your man interested in a relationship with you.Men are attracted to independent, free thinking women who have their own opinions and can listen to her manís point of view without judgment.Your man wonít mind if you do not agree with him as long as you are respectful in how you voice your opinion.

If you struggle thinking about what you can do without your man, consider what you used to enjoy doing before your relationship.Pick up a new hobby.Call some friends youíve failed to keep in touch with.These are things your man will take notice of and keep him interested in what you are doing.If all else fails, plan things for you to do on your own like see a movie or spend time at a coffee shop.You man doesnít have to know where you are at every second and your absences will keep him guessing.

All men want is to feel cared for and respected. It isnít that hard to keep your man happy with just those two things if you are confident with who you are.Your man is already with you.He sees something attractive but if your attitude or behavior starts to cloud that beauty he sees, he wonít keep working on the relationship.Having your own interests, independence and a healthy, loving attitude for both yourself and your partner is how to keep your man.

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