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How to Keep Your Man
HAPPY and Wanting More

So, youíve met the man who you really want to be with.Heís into you, but youíre not sure how much heís really ďinto youĒ.You want to do what you can to make sure he sticks around long enough to give what you think could be great between you both a try.Itís not rocket science when it comes to figuring out how to keep a man.The key to having any man stay with any woman is to do what you can to make him happy- within reason.


Just reading that keeping a man happy is the way to keep him in a relationship may feel like a huge step back for women or a betrayal of feminist ideals, but it really isnít.  If you think about it, a man has to do what he can to make a woman happy within reason as well in order to keep a relationship working.  If a man or a woman isnít happy, they often do what they can to find happiness.  Healthy people with healthy self-esteem donít need to stay in relationships where their partner isnít pleased by the other partnerís happiness.


Men are pretty simple to keep happy.  You donít have to change who you are or what you like to keep a man.  The key to knowing how to keep a man happy is to always have him waiting in anticipation.  Anticipation of the unknown is how to keep a man interested in a woman.  Meet him at the door naked or send him a gift at work for no reason.  Be creative about doing what you can to keep your man happy.


Take an interest in what he likes.  You donít have to be passionate or obsessive about his interests.  Men like to feel important and your interest in what he likes gives him some incentive to include you in his interests.  If you detest sports, chose an interest you can tolerate.  Find out what his favorite type of cuisine or food is and take him to a restaurant or cook for him.  Men like to feel important and cared about.  Keeping him engaged by taking an interest in him keeps him interested in you.


Some people will tell you that keeping your appearance perfect and maintained is how to keep a man happy.  This simply isnít true.  While men do enjoy a woman who looks good, a woman who is perfect all of the time sets a level of expectation that no man wants to have to meet.  Itís okay to have a day in sweatpants and a ponytail.  Men want to be with a woman who keeps him interested and feeling special.  Caring for a man is the best way to keep a man.

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