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How to Keep Your Man
HAPPY in a Relationship

Youíve done all the preparation to lay the groundwork so you can go out and find someone special.Now youíve got him and you realize you want to know how to keep a man happy in a relationship, but youíre not sure exactly how to do that.You donít have to revert back to the days where a woman bends over backwards to make her man happy in their relationship.That is not a proven way to keep either men or women happy in relationships!Common sense, respect and creativity are the key factors in successful relationships.


In any relationship, respect is a key component that leads to success.  Both parties must have a healthy level of respect for not only each other, but for themselves as well.  If you were with a man who put you down and didnít respect you, you certainly shouldnít stay in that relationship.  If any man felt that his woman didnít respect him, he is not going to hang around when he knows that he would like to be with someone who does value and respect him.  Listening and being open-minded without being judgmental is the best way to let men know that you respect them.


If you ask any woman who already seems to have a handle on how to keep a man happy in a relationship, she would most likely tell you to keep him guessing all of the time.  Be spontaneous and creative both in and out of the bedroom.  Get all decked out in your most glamorous dress and take him out to his favorite restaurant without letting him know where you are going.  Answer the door sans clothing!  Make reservations at a hotel and get a room with a hot tub.  Surprise him by getting to know a bit more about his favorite things and use the information to surprise him every once in a while.  Mystery and spontaneity is very sexy to most men and it is an excellent way to keep him happy in a relationship.


When it comes to knowing how to keep a man happy in a relationship, keeping in mind your own happiness is important.  If you spend all of your time worrying about his needs and ways to make him happy, you might lose sight of your own happiness and needs.  Relationships involve two people and both men and women need to contribute in order to keep both parties happy.  Men also tend to lose respect and attraction for women who spend all their time obsessing over how to make their man happy.  Respect yourself as well as you man and know that you both have to give in order for you both to be happy in a relationship.

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