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How to Keep a Relationship Alive

Nothing can hurt more than when a relationship ends.It is sad for both parties when any relationship doesnít work out no matter what emotions might appear on the surface.At some point in a womanís life, she will likely find a man who she just canít imagine not being with, but she doesnít want to strangle the relationship with neediness or conditions.It is possible to keep a relationship alive without resorting to tactics that are commonly used but often fail.With a little creativity and sensitivity, relationships can last for a very long time.

The first thing a woman needs to do is remember that all a man really wants is to feel cared for and not judged or criticized.  Men donít want a relationship similar to that reminiscent of the 1950ís and really donít mind a professional, successful woman as long as she can be nurturing and loving towards her guy.  After all, isnít that really what a girl wants in her relationship?  It just makes sense that both men and women want trust, compassion, understanding and love from a relationship.  When we bring things like drama and negativity into a relationship, things begin to deteriorate.  It doesnít mean that everything has to be perfect all of the time, but there are healthy ways of dealing with things in any relationship.  If you feel communication is not your strong point, make it your mission to learn effective, non-confrontational communication.  It can make every relationship in your life much easier!


Next, remember that you are an individual just as your partner is and that individuality is essential when you want to keep a relationship alive.  Men donít want to be smothered.  They like to have their own friends and activities to enjoy.  If you donít have your own, it is crucial that you get your own if you value the health of your relationship.  Call some friends and go out together.  Take some classes and learn some new things.  It creates a new, interesting aspect of your presence in a relationship and can be quite healthy.


Finally, donít let fear stop you from having some fun in your relationship!  Get silly, be creative and involve your boyfriend in trying new things.  There is nothing wrong with sending your guy a gift at work out of the blue for no reason.  You wouldnít believe what going lingerie shopping together can do for a relationship!  Try doing some online, too.  It is much easier to let go when you are in the privacy of home. Keep a relationship alive not by being deceitful or hiding, but spicing things up with surprises and fun.  Relationships are like rechargeable batteries.  Without a bit of energy to recharge them from time to time, relationships run the risk of dying.

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