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How to Get a Guy to Ask You Out

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Gone are the days when the ‘Princess’ could just sit and wait for her ‘Prince Charming’ to come and ride her away on his white horse. Waiting for someone to come and propose to you for marriage or for going out is futile and a simple waste of time in today’s date. Go out and move around if you really are looking forward to be asked out by the guy. Here, one is not asking you to be overt in your reactions and blow the trumpet around. You can easily get across your motives in the most subtle way. If you are not going to be really inclined and interested in the complete approach, the guys around you will also not take up any task in an enthusiastic and serious manner.


What all are the ways one can do it?


  • Increase interaction

One of the most efficient ways is to try and interact with as many people as possible. Socialize with people from diverse backgrounds so that you will easily be able to gauge your compatibility with different men. Divide your communication into various levels and if the opposite person becomes really friendly, you too should not step back. One has to reciprocate if she wants to see shinning results in various relationships. Men loose interest when they feel that there is no reciprocation from the opposite side and hence move on to some one else.


  • Intellectual Quotient


Do not promote jabbering; instead lighten the conversation with an intelligent talk that helps you portray your self in a comfortable manner. Let your side of humor and wittiness fall across in the backdrop of the conversation. Men usually prefer women who are humorous. Your intellect and your fine abilities would be highlighted if you keep this point in mind.


  • Seem approachable


It is very important that you come across as a person who is approachable. If you do not move out of your shell, it will be next to impossible for the other person to come to you and put forth his mind. Men are not going to kill dragons for you just to talk to you. Try letting him have his space and he will undoubtedly get back to you.


  • Body language and appearance


For a good personality one should always keep a good body posture as your body language would reveal a lot about you. Your appearance should be natural and presentable. Be comfortable in whatever you are wearing. If you are conscious of your own self, it’ll be very difficult for you to concentrate on other things and your approach will not be as effective as it could’ve been. Try not to wear clothes which make you feel uncomfortable


  • Keep the fighter spirit going


Do not fear or fret about rejection. It is a part and parcel of life, especially the Mr. Right hunt. If you are emotionally very unstable, a person who may have approached will think a hundred times before he actually does. Try becoming strong if you want guys to fall for you. Weak personalities are not really welcome in the darker sex. They want supporters for life!


  • Set the line of intrigue


Open up to a certain extent so that the guy doesn’t feel that you are a total introvert and you should not open up totally as the element of secrecy will totally vanish otherwise.


Final Word


Look good and even feel good at the same time!  A man will only ask you out if he finds enough potential in you. The compatibility ratio with every prospect is going to be different. The guy also analyzes as much as you do and without measuring the complete situation, he is just not going to get to any conclusion. How to get a guy to ask you out will not be much difficult if you think about it from his point of view. Start becoming slightly accommodating in your approach and this is the only way to get a guy attracted to you. ‘Love at first sight’ is a thing that happens only one in a crore time, that too it isn’t the love in first sight, but a feeling that you have come to conclusion after certain course of time.


Try not faking anything and the guy will automatically be attracted to your original personality. If you fake something, it is not going to be a long lasting thing as the reality will be unveiled at some or the other point of time. Just take things in an easy stride, believe in yourself and you will be the apple of eye of many guys.


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