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How to Keep a Man HAPPY In a Relationship

Itís easy to keep a man happy, if you are aware of a few key factors and you are willing to go the extra mile in your relationship.  Most men really donít need too much pampering; just the sense that the special women in their lives understand what makes them tick.


Your Appearance 


It might sound shallow, but men are visual creatures when it comes to women.  You donít have to be a beauty queen; obviously, you just need to make the most of what youíve got.  Any woman, regardless of shape or size, can turn herself into a ravishing beauty when she believes in herself.  But be realistic.  If your man asks you to change your appearance, to make this smaller or that larger, take that as a red flag that something else in the relationship is going wrong, and deal with it as such. 




A man certainly wants to know that you love him, but he doesnít want to feel responsible for your every move.  Make sure that you donít cut off your friends and other social engagements the moment your relationship starts to take off.  The number one turn-off for some men is a woman who doesnít have her own life.  Any strong, solid, healthy man will expect the same from his woman, so keep it balanced!


With that said, however, be careful about the ex-boyfriends that you maintain as friends.  Weíve all been through the relationship where the significant other is still talking to the ex.  ďWeíre just friends,Ē your significant other will say, but keeping a true friendship after a relationship is over is difficult, and only the minority of people can truly achieve it. If you are still friends with your ex, be honest with your current man and let him know whatís going on.  Itís better he find out from you than from somebody else.


The Path To The Heart IsÖ


Yes, itís a clich?, but do you know what your man likes to eat?  Do you cook it every now and then?  Or do you just go out to restaurants and let him order it off the menu?  Whether your man likes Filet Mignon or Tofu with stir-fry vegetables, make him his favorite meal every now and then, just to show you care.


In The Bedroom


Is he making you happy?  If not, what do you do?  Talking about sexual issues, especially if they are negative, usually makes things worse.  If you feel like something isnít right sexually, and you arenít sure how to talk about it, donít!  Find creative solutions in the moment to make your sex life more original and fun.  If you want to tell him something, tell him in bed.  It will drive him wild, and youíll wind up getting repaid in spades!


Tell Him How You Feel 


In the emotional realm, simple communication goes a long way. If he is making you happy, let him know!  If heís not, let him know also, but in a way that invites constructive communication.  Donít just tell him, ďI hate the way you leave the empty bag of chips on the couch!Ē  This leads nowhere except resentment.



Be Successful


Ultimately, doing what you love to do and being successful is the best aphrodisiac.  If you are doing what you love and making yourself happy doing it, your happiness and light are going to be contagious.  So follow your own dream, and all else will follow.  If you become successful and your man becomes resentful, take notice.  Donít you ultimately want to be with a man who respects and honors your own personal happiness?

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