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How to Get HAPPILY Married

You have conquered the dating scene and found a man you think might be the one.  Want to get married?  Moving from dating to marriage brings the game and the stakes to a whole new level.  Scared?  Probably yes and excited as well to think about it.  Just the thought of “How to get married?” gives most of us cold shivers down our spine.  Here are three thoughts that you may find useful when thinking about a guy and “forever” in the same breath. 


How to get married – You


The first and most important question to answer is “Are you ready for this?”  Sometimes it is easy to get caught in the moment and excitement and forget the basic question.  Are you the confident, independent woman you always wanted and will need to be for marriage?  Do you have the inner strength to be true to yourself in a relationship and give your man help and support when he needs it?  Have you accomplished your goals for yourself by this time in your life?  You need to consider marriage carefully from a position of strength and confidence versus need.  To make a great marriage as an equal, respected partner for life, you must be ready first. 


How to get married – Him


Mindful of the emotions and excitement again, you must really stop and ask yourself if the man of your dreams is really ready and a great prospect for forever and ever.  Many of the considerations are the same as for your readiness.  Is he independent and confident in life?  Is he dragging a lot of baggage that you don’t want to deal with in the form of ex-wife, parents, debt, kids, and more?  Everyone has a past, but you have to really think long and hard about dealing with his past every day.  If he just ended a long term relationship, take some time to plan forever to make sure the “rebound” is not getting him.  Is your choice a strong partner while dating?  Treats you as an equal and respected part of the relationship?  If he doesn’t, you need to really think hard about a long engagement or even waiting for that event.  Dating is good for finding out about each other and simpler than being engaged or married. 


How to get married – Partners together


The last and perhaps most important area to think about is how are you together as a pair?  Dating can show you all of the fun in a person, but how do you both deal together on difficult issues like money, career, kids or family relations.  There should be lots of fun and romance in planning a marriage commitment, but reality and the facts are equally important.  Does he support your goals and aspirations?  Do you support his?  Often these ideas are more important in the long run and you need to pay attention. 

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