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How to Get a Shy Guy
to Talk to You

Getting a shy guy to talk to you may seem like an impossible challenge, but it really isnít.  Shy guys are just like other guys except that they have a bit of hesitancy when it comes to social situations.  It isnít that shy guys donít like girls or they donít like social interaction. Shy guys just need a bit of nudging to get them comfortable enough to talk to a nice girl.  Approaching a shy guy and initiating a conversation is exactly how you get a shy guy to talk to you.


When you are going to approach a shy guy, you need to do so with a gentle manner.  Most shy guys are put off by loud and boisterous people and avoid remaining around them if possible.  The last thing you want is for your shy guy to be thinking more about how to make a quick exit than what you are saying to him.  Introduce yourself to you shy guy and offer him a complement on something that wonít make him self-conscious like his clothes or an accessory like a watch.  If you comment on his looks, he may feel too self-conscious at first.  Save a compliment on his hair or the color of his eyes for a later conversation.  The more comfortable a shy guy is when talking to you, the more heíll be able to focus on what you are saying rather than how shy he is feeling.


If your guy is resistant to your gentle attempts at conversation, questions are how to get a shy guy to talk to you.  Even the shyest guy doesnít want to appear incredibly rude by avoiding a girlís questions.  Ask your shy guy about safe things like television shows, books and music.  You can also talk about places he likes to go and things he likes to do.  You may find that you and your shy guy have more in common than you both thought and conversation may flow a bit easier once you are able to connect that way.


Depending on how shy a particular guy is, you may have to be the one to take the initiative to suggest meeting to talk further.  You may not want to talk about setting up a date the first couple of times you talk to a shy guy.  Ease him into the process of getting to know you and getting comfortable with you.  Once you feel that there is a good level of comfort between you and your shy guy, go ahead and ask him out!  Patience, a gentle approach and initiative is how to get a shy guy to talk to you.


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