Dating and Relationship Guide

How to Get a Shy Guy
to Go Out With You

There is something about a shy guy that can be so attractive.  Unfortunately, most shy guys arenít likely to be the ones that will ask a girl to go out with them.  It takes a bit of patience and persistence if you want to work on how to get a shy guy to go out with you.  Shy guys are just like all the other guys.  The only difference is that shy guys are a bit trickier to get active on the dating scene.


Shy guys are no different from anyone else.  They enjoy conversation and presumably, most of them enjoy girls!  Most shy guys are flattered and sometimes a bit flustered if they are approached by a girl.  Itís okay to approach a shy guy, just do it casually and keep the conversation light.  It may take approaching your shy guy a couple of times to get him comfortable with you.  You may want to make the conversation about something you noticed about him including an interest or hobby.  Stay away from calling attention to a shy guyís appearance the first couple of times you talk to avoid making him self-conscious.  Itís fine to mention something physical after a couple of conversations to show him that you notice his appearance.  Even shy guys have a bit of an ego!


Subtle and gentle flirting is how to get a shy guy to go out with you at this point.  Gently touch his arm as you talk or brush a lock of hair off of his forehead.  Give him a hug before you say goodbye.  You are in charge of how things go with your shy guy at this point and he is more aware of your signals than ever.  Mention something about him that you find attractive if the opportunity presents itself.  Your shy guy may brush it off and act like itís nothing, but even shy guys like complements from attractive girls and will recognize them for what they are.


No matter how comfortable any woman makes a shy guy, chances are she will end up having to ask him out.  There is nothing wrong with being the one to ask a shy guy out and it will most likely make his day.  A gentle approach, persistence and encouraging actions like complements and body language are how to get a shy guy to go out with you.  The nice thing about working to get a shy guy to go out with you is that you can go at a comfortable pace and really get to know a bit about each other before you begin exploring dating.


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