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Some women just know how to get a man to like them.  It doesnít necessarily matter that she isnít the most beautiful woman or that she doesnít have a super modelís body.  She just has something about her that makes a man want to be near her.  She knows the secret about getting a man to like her.  A good man wants to be with a woman who likes herself and she can use that to make herself attractive to men.

Not every man is going to fall head over heels in love with an individual woman.  Each man has his own tastes and preferences.  However, there are things a woman can do to make herself attractive to men who are interested in who she is and what she has to offer.

Men tend to like women who are confident.  Confidence is almost irresistibly sexy to men and they canít often resist its allure.  It is possible to cross the line between confident and stuck-up, so be careful not to come across as too aloof.  Being confident yet shy is also an attractive combination.  If shyness is an issue for you, just donít let it stand in the way of getting out and being socially available.

It isnít easy to get a good man if you are needy or need to have someone who you can be dependent on all week long.  Almost any good man wants a woman who has her own life and is available to him when it is convenient for both of them.  Independence is an attractive quality for a man who likes a woman to have her own life.  This independence doesnít allow for a woman to focus on his life and his interests.  She is more interested in focusing on the relationship.

Any man who wants a healthy relationship with a healthy woman values a woman who enjoys her own independence.  If both a man and a woman are able to enjoy their independence, it shows trust and makes the time that they do spend together more valuable.  Sometimes a man who has an independent woman ultimately ends up being the one who wants to spend more time together!

Ask a man what he desires most in a woman and he will most likely respond that he would really like a woman who genuinely cares about him.  A man wants a woman who cares about his life, who takes the time to listen to him and who can offer him help or support when he needs it.  A man is really attracted to women he can trust and doesnít judge him for opinions or mistakes.

It is not that difficult for any woman to get a man to like them.  She is likely to attract a man with her confidence and independence.  She is likely to enjoy a healthy relationship with a man if she remains independent while offering her support and comfort when he desires it.  A woman who can offer a man these simple things is likely to be a desired woman.

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