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How to Get a Guy's Attention

You are thinking about how to get a guy’s attention.  It isn’t that difficult to get a guy’s attention if you really want it.  Guys are looking for girls to date all of the time and if you are interested in a particular guy, you can get his attention as long as you understand a couple of things.  Guys notice girls who are confident and comfortable, not loud and obnoxiously calling attention to themselves in negative ways.  You also have to pay attention to what a guy is doing when you are trying to get his attention.  It is common for guys to be attentive and focused on a single thing at one time.  These two things are crucial when getting any guy’s attention.


Think about ways other people get your attention. Not all attention is positive and not all of it is negative.  You want to focus on the ways others have gotten your attention in a positive way.  Avoid any attention-getting moves that could result in negative reactions.  If you are have a difficult time with your self-esteem, you may want to do what you can to improve your self- image.  If you feel negative about yourself or your appearance, that comes through and will get negative attention from guys.  Guys respond to people who feel good about themselves and if you feel good about yourself, you will get positive attention.  That is the secret all those girls who never seem to have trouble knowing how to get a guy’s attention already know.   Now you have the secret and you can do what you need to go and get any guy’s attention.


Once you’ve established yourself as a positive force, the best way to get the attention of any guy is to simply introduce yourself.  The trick here is to take notice of what guys are doing while you are trying to get their attention.  Is the guy just sitting at the bar and talking with friends?  It’s probably a good time to get his attention.  Is the guy in the middle of a pool game?  It might not be the best time to try and get his attention.  He may be cordial and respond to you, but chances are his mind is on the game and not anything else no matter how hot you look!  Guys typically give their attention to one thing at a time and you might have to use some strategy when considering your approach.


It really is as simple as it sounds to be able to get any guy’s attention.  Now that you know how to get a guy’s attention, you need to get going on any work you feel you have to do on your self-esteem and then get out there to be seen by guys.  Once you’ve got everything worked out, you

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