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How to Get a Guy Interested in You and Give You the WORLD

You may have a specific guy in mind or maybe you just want to see what kind of fish there are in the sea, but you’re not exactly sure how to get a guy interested in you and what you have to offer.  This is not an uncommon problem for many women.  If daytime television and magazines had their way, you would have to go on a crash diet, head into the nearest department store for a complete makeover and sport designer clothing in order to have any guy become interested.  Don’t worry about all of those things.  It’s not that complicated to get a guy interested.  You already possess everything you need to get a guy interested in you.

No woman is able to get any guy interested in her if she doesn’t like herself.  This means if you have body image issues or you think you’re not very intelligent, these things can be communicated subconsciously through body language and sometimes guys are able to pick up on it through things you might say.  No guy is interested in a girl who thinks that she is substandard.  Know that you are interesting, beautiful and intelligent and guys are automatically interested in you!  While chemistry plays a significant role in a guy’s interest, you should be able to catch the attention of almost any guy.  It may not blossom into something more than a good conversation, but it opens new doors for you when you interest guys just by feeling good about you.

Standing around and just waiting for something to happen is not how to get a guy interested!  If you are interested in a particular guy, you may have to work up the courage to introduce yourself and make a bit of conversation.  Be genuinely interested in the guy and what he has to say without hanging on his every word.  You have your own interests and your own opinions.  Respect his thoughts and ideas while being non-confrontational with yours and watch how much that can interest a guy.

If you feel that things are going well with a guy you are interested in, you may have to be the first to jump and ask him to do something together sometime.  Think about what he talked about, what he is interested in and possibly ask him if he’ll show you how to do something.  For example, if he loves to play pool and you know nothing about it, you might want to show him your own interest in the game and ask your guy to show you how to play.  It may not sound like a date, but it gives both of you a chance to get to know each other better and to have some fun.

Now you know some of the basics involved in how to get a guy interested in you.  The most important thing to remember is to be genuine and confident in who you are while you are with any guy.  If something doesn’t “click” between you and the guy you are interested in, it really isn’t a personal rejection.  Chemistry is either present or not and your interest and beauty isn’t what he is rejecting.  He is rejecting according to what he already wants in a woman.  Even if it doesn’t work out with one particular guy, knowing how to get the interest of any guy will open up more doors than you might know what to do with!

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