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How to Get a Guy of Your DREAMS
to Notice You

Iím sure youíve noticed the girls at bars, clubs or at any random public gathering that are loud, boisterous and somewhat annoying.People notice these girls alright, but they are not getting noticed in a positive way.These girls most likely lack self-confidence and maturity to know how to get guys to notice them in a good way.They donít understand that how to get a guy to notice you might take a bit of work and some nerve, but first impressions can only be made once.These girls will have a negative lasting impression with guys, but you can make a positive lasting impression with every single guy you meet.

The first thing a guy notices about a girl whether he is conscious of it or not is how she carries herself.If he notices she slouches and avoids eye contact, a guy automatically feels that she lacks self-confidence.He may also assume that body language means she isnít interested in him.Guys tend to notice a woman who stands up straight and is very comfortable wherever she is.These women are attractive just because their presence feels good.This is the kind of notice every woman wants guys to take of her!

Sometimes no matter how confident and attractive you are, guys who notice of you may not have the nerve to approach you.You know how to get a guy to notice you but you may have to be the one with the courage to approach the guy you are interested in before anything can happen.You can first make eye contact with a guy and if you are able to hold it and exchange smiles, you are basically ready to approach him.You may simply want to introduce yourself to the guy or select something you noticed about him to give him a compliment.Once you get the conversation going, be a good listener. Guys do notice a woman who listens to what he has to say and they like it.You, of course, should contribute at appropriate times but keep the conversation light and fun.

Now that you know the key to how to get a guy to notice you, the next step is to work on your confidence and practice being self-assured.You may never have to approach guys because they might just notice you wherever you go because of the way you carry yourself.If you want to practice approaching a guy who you believe has noticed you, you can practice building up the nerve to talk to anyone by doing just that!Approach people, introduce yourself and just be delightful.You will notice that approaching guys gets easier and everything else with simply fall into place.

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