Dating and Relationship Guide

How to Get a Guy
to Go Out with You

If youíve ever heard the clich?, ďMisery Loves CompanyĒ, then you know that the opposite must be true as well.  Company doesnít love misery and that is especially true when it comes to dating.  If you could poll women all over the world, it isnít likely you would come across anyone who got a guy to go out with them by being morbid or gloomy.  If you want open the door to dating just about any guy, adopting a fun, care free attitude is how to get a guy to go out with you.


When you meet a guy, be confident in how gorgeous you are but donít cross the line and be cocky.  It can be a fine line and not many men have the courage to go out with a cocky woman.  Confidence is attractive.  It is a simple fact between men and women and it is the reason most guys got out with girls and vice versa.  When you meet a guy you want to go out with, be complimentary about something he is wearing or the way he wears his hair.  Guys want to go out with women who make them feel good.  You donít have to make something up and be superficial.  If you find a guy attractive in the first place, there is always something you can offer a compliment on. 


Making your guy feel light and carefree is how to get a guy to go out with you!  If the conversation turns serious, it isnít likely a guy will consider going out with you.  Guys want to have fun and feel special.  Casual flirting and conversation about topics that pose no threat to anyone is appealing to guys when they are first getting to know you.  Current movies, music, books and other common interests are great light topics to discuss and joke about.  These things can also be effective in giving a guy who is interested in you the opportunity to ask you out.


If youíve done all you think you can, it seems like the time with your guy went great and he still hasnít asked you out, you have every right to ask him out!  There is nothing wrong with asking a guy out.  Some guys fear rejection enough to let it prevent them from asking even the greatest girls out.  Just keep a light and positive attitude, give him the opportunities and take the initiative if you have to.  Now you have all you need to know how to get a guy to go out with you.

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