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How to Get a Guy to Date You

While the world is ever-changing, the attraction between men and women hasnít had to do all that much adapting.Women feel a certain pressure to date and can believe almost anything in order to land a date with a great guy.Guys have been attracted to the same thing in women for years and years.You donít have to know more than one thing about how to get a guy to date you in order to be on track to having as many dates as you want.The one thing you need to know in order to get a guy to date you is to be proud of exactly who you are right this minute.

A healthy self-image can be learned and if you donít already feel that any guy in the world would be lucky to date you right now, you may want to adapt your thinking to something that is real and true.  You are a wonderful woman for any guy to date.  Your body is perfect whether it has curves or not.  Your hair is uniquely yours and your intelligence is an entire world just waiting to be explored.  If you believe all of these things, you should have no trouble getting a guy to date you.  If you are not confident in those statements, then it is time that you accepted that you are wonderful just the way you are!  You donít want to date a guy while you feel you are less than wonderful.  Work on believing in your self-worth and dating the right guy can become more of a reality.

You might be wondering how to get a date with a guy after youíve gotten to the point where your confidence and self-esteem should be.  Once youíve found a guy you are interested in dating, you can always try to make eye contact first.  Hold his eye and give him a coy smile.  If he responds to you, he is interested.  You might have to approach certain guys because they just arenít comfortable approaching you.  This is perfectly acceptable behavior and can even make a guy more interested in a woman who takes the initiative in a situation.  Participate in conversation and truly listen to each guy.  Keep things light and indulge in a bit of flirting with your guy. 

Finally, you can always give a guy the opportunity to ask you to go on a date with him or you can just ask him to go out with you first.  Either way is fine and flattering for both parties no matter how you look at it.  Being yourself with confidence and a bit of flirtatious fun is how to get a guy to date you!


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