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How to Keep a Man Happy and Wanting More

Most woman will agree with the fact that it is one thing to have a man fall for you, it is quite another to keep him interested in you. There seems to a misconception that in order to keep a man you have to be thin and model beautiful, but do you read all the gossip magazines? How often are they being dumped? Quite a few. If you really want to know how to not only get a man, but also keep them, follow these simple steps.


Improve your self-confidence. While a man may find insecurity attractive at first, if they constantly have to reassure you that you are all they are interested in, and that there isn’t anyone else… they are going to start looking for someone else. Increasing your self-confidence can be as easy as repeating an affirmation such as “I am beautiful,” or “ I am sexy,” or “I am attractive.” Stop comparing yourself to other woman, you are wonderful the way you are. It is time that you acknowledge that.


Take care of yourself. One thing that we as woman are guilty of is getting comfortable in a relationship and letting ourselves go. Take pride in the way you look. Even if it is a hang out at home day and you just want to lay around in yoga pants, make sure that your clothes aren’t holey, you can still put your hair up in a cute pony tail and put on some eyeliner. When you take pride in the way you look you feel better. It is all about you!


Have a social life. Even if that social life is a book club, be involved in life. There is a difference between just being alive and living. Spend time talking to your girlfriends on the phone. Men like to be needed, they like to know that you enjoy your time with them but being clingy is a turn off for most men. Have a life outside your relationship.


Don’t be afraid to try new things. That is the best part of starting a relationship and keeping that relationship going. As you learn about one another you have to be willing to try some of the things that your mate is interested in… as the relationship progresses it will help the two of you find other things that you both may find interesting and want to try together.


You want a man that is going to respect you and cherish you… for that to happen you first have to respect and cherish yourself.

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