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It is a very common thing for women to look for tips on how to get a guy.  It is also quite common for the ďhow to get a guy tipsĒ to give women the impression that they arenít good enough the way they are and they should take steps to become something that they are not.  These tips arenít healthy, but even more importantly these tips are not effective ways to get a guy!  If you believe that you have to present a particular image that is not who you actually are to get a guy, then unfortunately any subsequent relationship will be based on deceit.  Deceit is one of the top reasons relationships fail.  If you want to get a guy and have healthy relationships, donít change a thing about who you are!

Some tips on how to get guys recommend makeovers, new hair styles or colors, drastic weight loss and many other things that arenít necessary.  You can get a guy just the way you are.  You have to know and believe that you can get a guy just the way you are.  Believe that any guy is lucky to get a woman who is as beautiful as you are and who has so much to offer the right man.  Confidence is the most attractive thing to a guy.  That is probably the most important tip on how to get a guy that any woman can ever receive.  If you have trouble believing that you are beautiful in every way, you need to practice getting comfortable with that thought.  Practice a couple times a day and work up to every second of the day.  You will be surprised at how that practice can work on changing your attitude and confidence level.

Other healthy how to get a guy tips include making sure you are getting out, socially mingling, approaching new people and making conversation.  You donít have to solve world problems while you are doing this, so keep the conversation light and fun.  Practice flirting with people you who make you feel like it.  Practice these tips and you will find that you are no longer the one that is working to get a guy.  Guys will be working to get you!

If any how to get a guy tips advise you to alter anything about who you are or what you like, they are not good tips and should be avoided.  Guys like to be with girls who are confident, natural, comfortable and fun.  If you are those four things, there isnít any reason you canít get guys whenever you want to. 

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