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How to Get a Guy Interested

Itís a little known fact that women can get a man interested anytime she wants to without doing anything drastic to her appearance.  She doesnít need to be super skinny to get a guy interested.  She doesnít need to dress promiscuously to get a guy interested.  She doesnít even have to put on a stitch of makeup to get a guy interested.  As woman believing she is gorgeous and everything about her is just fine is how to get a guy interested in her anytime.


Women canít be told enough how important confidence is when seeking any guyís interest.  Men are consistently attracted to confident women who donít need to make a loud show of themselves for attention and arenít desperately looking to complete who they are with any guy.  Guys are interested in women who have their own lives, who know that they have a lot to offer and who are okay to be without a man if she has to.  If a woman carries herself with a comfortable confidence while not appearing aloof, men are very likely to take notice of her and become interested. 


If you are out and you are thinking about how to get a guy interested, try to focus more on having fun than on attracting a guyís attention.  Guys are drawn to good feelings and if you are having fun, you are giving off good feelings.  If you see a particular guy you are interested in, make eye contact and hold it with him.  Give the guy a smile and let him know you are interested.  If it doesnít look like he is going to approach you, feel free to approach your guy.  He may be waiting for your approach since you gave him the first sign of interest. 


There really isnít a big secret surrounding how to get a guy interested in a woman at any time.  In fact, the big question should be why women feel that putting on false airs and pretending to be someone they are not is the best way to get a guy interested.  Women just have to believe that men are interested in something as simple as confidence.  Men respond to the way someone makes them feel.  If you feel good, you are likely to make the people around you feel good.  Surprisingly, guys look for that good feeling in a woman.  If anything, that is the big secret surrounding how a woman can get a guy interested at any time!


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